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1. What is a ‘Foo Fighter’?

The iconic band has a lesser known theme associated with their name; that theme is UFOs. A “foo-fighter” was the name given by airplane pilots during WWII for UFOs. To continue this trend of naming things relating to UFOs, the band’s record company, Roswell Records, is named after the famous New Mexican town where a UFO allegedly crashed on July 8th, 1949.

2. The One-man Band

Many people know that the front man for the Foo’s, Dave Grohl, was the drummer for Nirvana prior to Kurt Cobain’s jolting suicide. Insinuating that the Foo Fighters’ were Dave’s new band because Nirvana fell apart. However, Dave was working on solo material even when Kurt was still alive, matter of fact—even on tour! In 1992 during the Nevermind Tour, Grohl booked studio time under the band name ‘Late!’ to work on his demo tape which he later released under the name ‘Pocketwatch’.

3. Grohl Almost Joined Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

After Kurt’s death, Grohl performed on Saturday Night Live with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Soon after Tom Petty offered a full-time gig for Grohl to become his drummer. Grohl politely declined Tom’s offer.

4. Grohl Played Every Instrument on Their Debut Album… Just About

Grohl played almost every single instrument on their self-titled album, which is why many people call it Grohl’s solo album. The only instrument Grohl did not play, was the guitar on one song, it was instead played by Greg Dulli.


5. Taylor Hawkins Played for Alanis Morissette

Prior to joining the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins was the drummer for Alanis Morissette. Rumors have been spread that they had quite the chemistry together.


6. The Band is Known for Having a Good Laugh With Their Tour Riders

The Foo Fighters are known for having fun and playing pranks on each other. For the Wasting Light Tour in 2011, the band decided they would turn their tour rider into a full-blown coloring book full of all sorts of fun little activities.

Click Here to View The Wasting Light Tour Rider

7. Dave Grohl Never Had Any Formal Music Training

Grohl’s core for music always started by bashing on a set of drums. Which is why as Grohl transitioned to playing guitar, he mentally thought through the similarities of each string to his drum set.

“The low E string is the kick drum. The A and D strings are snares. The G, B and high E are the cymbals. So you have a kick-snare relationship in the riff. Then when the chorus comes around, you wash all the high strings as you would wash a cymbal. It makes it percussive, and it gives that dynamic. It’s why I play those Trini Lopez-model guitars – you can play them real soft. And you can beat the fuck out of them. They have that range.” – Grohl said during an interview with Rolling Stone.

Dave Grohl Wallpaper Portrait

8. The Foo Fighters are David Letterman’s Favorite Band

David Letterman underwent an extensive surgery in 2000, a surgery that many saw as potentially life-ending. After a successful surgery, David had an extensive and long path to recovery. The iconic late night host shared with his fans that when times got tough and he didn’t think he would persevere he would play the Foo Fighters’ song Everlong to give him the uplift he needed.

Upon David Letterman’s return to late night television he also requested that the Foo Fighters’ be his first musical guest. Ironically, the final curtain call to his reigning late night success was also accompanied by the Foo Fighters’ as his final musical guest. David started his first show during his second chance at life with the Foo Fighters’ and went out with a bang with them too.

9. The First Batch of Wasting Light CDs Featured Pieces of Tape From The Recording Session

The Foo Fighters’ seventh studio album, Wasting Light, was recorded using all analog audio equipment. Meaning they were using old school tape decks to embody their work. The Foo Fighters’ wanted to give back to those who still appreciate physical music in the digital era by including pieces of the original tape in the first batch of CDs.

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10. Taylor Hawkins is a Texan

Oliver Taylor Hawkins was born in Fort Worth, TX on February 17th, 1972. Ironically, Fort Worth is where our company is based out of, making Taylor Hawkins a hero in our book even if he did move out to Laguna Beach, CA in 1976.

Taylor Hawkins Singing

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