Our Mission

Our mission for Specter Wireless is to create cost-effective competitive hardware for people of all music types to provide authentic sound for all scenarios, the way the artist had originally intended for it to be consumed.

We strive to implement fashion-forward styles behind our devices that allow the user to be proud to make their wireless devices a part of their fitness attire.

Our Team

Specter Wireless was created by a group of people with a passion for music and innovative technology.


Matt Jackson


Matt Jackson has worked in cellular phone industry since 1994. He has owned and operated a wholesale distribution company for cellular phone accessories for the last 15 years. In addition he has been dedicated to health and fitness his entire life. He is a lifelong judo practitioner and is still active in the sport. He is a 2 times National Master Judo Champion as well as one of the instructors at Fort Worth Judo Club. Besides Judo, he also consistently works out at the gym. His interests in health and fitness go beyond pushing yourself physically. He understands that nutrition is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.

With his wife and son both celiac disease sufferers he has seen firsthand how damaging poor nutrition can be. He pays his bills in the cellular arena, but his passion is health and fitness. With the launch of Specter Wireless, he feels like it is a perfect marriage.


Michael Conn

Director of Marketing

Michael Conn is an ad man with two decades experience as a creative director, copy writer & marketing director. With a long list of award winning campaigns and logos, he has left his mark all across North Texas. He also has a background in theatre which adds an extra level to what he brings to Specter Wireless.

Michael is an outdoorsman, preferring to exercise in the fresh air. He is an avid mountain biker and when he isn’t on the trail he is walking his old dog along the river. He also enjoys fishing, canoeing and camping.


Tyler Foulks

Director of Logistics

Tyler Foulks has worked in logistic for the past 15 years. From pulling orders, managing shipping/receiving, tracking inventory and overseeing the day-to-day operations of our distribution warehouse, Tyler has done it all. When you place an order with Specter Wireless you can rest assured that Tyler will make sure you get your order in a timely manner. Your order is in good hands.

When Tyler is not taking care of your orders, he is hanging out with his Wife and two kids. He also enjoys a healthy lifestyle and is a permaculture enthusiast. When not at work you will find him working out or tending in his organic garden. Tyler is our resident hippie.


Michael Vogt


Mike Vogt has had a passion for technology his entire life. He has built servers, websites and managed blogs for 10 years. Starting with his own technology blog designed to help people troubleshoot computer issues to founding and managing his own Web based marketing company now known as United Cyber Development. Michael has dedicated his career to expanding his knowledge of computer-based and technology driven products.

Mike also enjoys an appreciation and love for all things music. From classical to classic rock, Michael has used music as a means to center him throughout the day and keep him grounded so he can continue to be creative in his own work and not take himself too seriously.

Specter Wireless is a perfect union of Mike’s great passion for technology and his love for music. This endeavor is his attempt to bring the world technologies that will make people’s lives more enjoyable and keep them motivated throughout the day to pursue their own dreams and passions.