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EFIX by Specter Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

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The average person dedicates 1/4 of their day to listening to music.

That means you spend 60 days listening to music per year!

EFIX Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Magnetic Switch

The EFIX was built for those who are on-the-go individuals, the people behind Specter were always concerned with turning wireless earbuds on and off by holding the power button for the exact amount of time, with EFIX we solved this. Simply separate the magnetically connected earbuds and the EFIX will automagically connect to your device and start to play music. It’s really that simple.

Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

Hands Free & Wire Free

Get a phone call during your jam session? No worries, the EFIX earbuds are equipped with an HD microphone for crystal clear call quality the same way you would with a traditional Bluetooth headset. Say goodbye to jumbling between Bluetooth headsets and your Bluetooth earbuds.

Wireless Perfected

Absolutely flawless connection up to 33ft

Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Noise Isolation

Outside noise can cause a lot of issues with sound quality when it comes to devices like Bluetooth Earbuds. With the EFIX we have embedded CSR’s industry-leading cVc technology for enhanced audio and noise suppression to deliver the best possible audio quality for Bluetooth audio-streaming over wireless headphones.

Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

Weather Resistant

A workout doesn't pause for a rainy day. Neither should your Bluetooth earbuds. The EFIX are waterproof wireless earbuds able to endure for the toughest of weather conditions.

Battery Calculator

Calculate how many times you will need to charge your EFIX throughout your week.

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Long Lasting Bluetooth Earbuds

10 Hours of Sound

One of the biggest concerns with Bluetooth earbuds, is the battery life. Worry no more, the EFIX is equipped with the latest battery efficiency technologies allowing for up to 10 Hours of bass-blasting music.

Best Sounding Bluetooth Earbuds

Dynamic Sound

The EFIX is a Chihuahua with a Bull Mastiff bark. Packed into these tiny Bluetooth earbuds is big sound through dynamic-drivers powered by Qualcomm’s patented aptX technology. Wired quality sound, wirelessly.


Wireless Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

Magnetic Features

Separating/Connecting the magnetic Earbuds controls the power state of the device.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic

Phone Calls

Hands-free crystal clear phone calls - designed for professionals.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Isolation

Noise Isolation

Premium noise isolation design that allows you to hear more of what you want, and less of what you don't.

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Water Resistant

IP7 rated water-resistance allows you to train in all weather conditions without worrying about ruining your earbuds.

Wireless Headphones with Mic

In-line Controls

Become the director of your playlist with simple tactile buttons located on the in-line controller.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Skip-free Wireless Connectivity

Advanced Bluetooth chipset design produces a flawless wireless connection up to 33ft.

Siri and Google Compatible Bluetooth Earbuds

Siri & Google Assistant Compatibility

Control your phone via Voice Commands directly through your Bluetooth earbuds.

Long Lasting Battery Bluetooth Earbuds

10 Hour Battery Life

Long lasting 10 hours of playtime solely onboard the earbuds, no charging connectors or adapters like our competitors.

EFIX by Specter Wireless Bluetooth earbuds



In Stock

The EFIX is designed to be the perfect audio companion. Featuring a blend of high fidelity audio along with an innovative magnetic power switch.


The Specter Promise

14 Day Returns

Try our headphones in the comfort of your own home for two weeks. If you don't like them, send them back with the included return label - zero questions asked.

Lifetime Warranty

Tired of your headphones breaking over and over again? We stand behind our product 100% meaning we offer a lifetime warranty for all of our products.

Free Express Shipping

We include free 2-3 day Express Shipping on all orders. Wait less, rock more - with streamlined shipping by Specter Wireless.

Pete Hernandez
Technology Journalist  - Techaeris
April 08, 2017
The name of the game with the EFIX wireless magnetic earphones is tiny. Their size makes them great for anytime you want to listen to music without the bulk of conventional over or on the ear headphones. The EFIX may be small in stature, but the sound is HUGE! They have great bass that you can feel; yet it doesn’t overpower the music, instead treating you to a nicely balanced sound.
KW Stout
Fitness Journalist  - Health Mind Power
March 21, 2017
My favorite thing about my EFITZ is that they fit well, and they stay in place while I train. I don’t have to constantly adjust them like I do with other pairs. Plus, the cord connecting both sides sits nicely on the back of my neck, out of the way from what I’m doing. Even if I’m hanging upside down or doing intense cardio, I haven’t had any issues with these headphones coming out.
Blogger  - Love You More Too
April 07, 2017
These ELUX are the best wireless headphones under $100. Specter Wireless, based out of Ft. Worth, Texas, created a line of wireless headphones for active people. They fit perfectly and don’t slide when I run.  I love that they are water resistant because I sweat quite a bit, and Texas weather is always so unpredictable.
Chantal Sarkisian
Blogger  - Mode XLusive
March 13, 2017
These wireless headphones are beautiful, with sleek lines and rose gold details. I actually chose this specific pair for their fashion-forward design.
Nicholas Calderone
Technology Journalist  - Mac Sources
March 08, 2017
The ELUX wireless sports headphones are a nice choice for premium-grade headphones at a moderate price. I’ve need headphones similar to the ELUX provided for double and sometimes triple the price that the ELUX are offered for. They provide a consistent, beautiful sound in a comfortable package.
Kyle A. Morries
Blogger  - Kyle Morris
April 18, 2017
The sound reminded me of many on ear headphones but with much better noise isolation.  After a few hours of casual listening I started critically listening to some of my usual test music and again I was amazed by how large the sound stage was for in ear wireless headphones.  Sound quality overall is among some of the best I have heard from Bluetooth headphones.